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B&E General Contractors, Inc. Mission Statement:
We will provide customers with VALUE that is deserved and PROFESSIONALISM that is expected.

When delving into the world of remodeling, it is important that the homeowner compares remodelers on a truly equal scale. As professionals, we are all responsible to deliver the utmost product for the qualified and quoted project price. However, the homeowner must complete their Adue diligence@ and compare that the remodelers are in fact delivering the same inferred or promised workmanship. Do not let cost be your only guide.

We ask you to consider the following qualities which are very necessary to enjoy a successful remodeling project, and the results for many years to come.

Remodeler Qualities:

Does the Remodeler possess required licensure: State of Wisconsin Contractor Licenses, City of Milwaukee licenses, Lead - Safe Company, etc?

Does the remodeler possess continuing education credentials, thus exhibiting the commitment to education within the organization (CR: Certified Remodeler, ; CGR: Certified Graduate Remodeler; CAPS: Certified Aging in Place Specialist)

Is the Remodeler a member of professional organizations? ( NARI, MBA, NAHB)

Does the remodeler carry more than state required workers= compensation, liability, and automobile insurance? Does the Remodeler demonstrate proof of insurance with a certificate of authenticity?

Does the remodeler have experience in the work field?

Does the remodeler have a paging or answering service, or cell phone availability to respond to emergencies after hours?

Does the remodeler schedule regular progress meetings with the client?

Does the remodeler respond to your inquiries swiftly? Including, but not limited to : Estimates, contracts, change orders?

Does the remodeler offer a list of current client references?

Does the remodeler offer a list of past client references (inquire about warranty call-back, and after warranty inquiries)

Does the community=s building inspector recognize the work ethic of the remodeler?

Scope of Contract:

Does the remodeler provide a detailed, organized construction agreement, as well as a specifications agreement? Are products itemized? If product selection has not yet been finalized, does the remodeler provide a retail cost allowance for product selections.

Does the contract explain important details such as: payment schedules, warranties, work stoppages, owner supplied material exclusions, hazardous materials warnings, arbitration procedures, right of contract cancellation clause, owners= responsibilities?

Does the remodeler include the Wisconsin state mandated A Right to Cure@ Law outline?

Does the remodeler include options for inclusion in the contract (ie: provisions for additional work orders, deletions, or owner provided work)?

Design Qualities:

Does the remodeler come to your home for site measurements, survey inquiries, lot line inquiries, and current home status evaluation?

Is the initial site visit complimentary?

Does the remodeler consult onsite (when applicable) with subcontractors to obtain the most fair cost for subcontracted work ( IE: plumbing, HVAC, roofing, masonry, painting, tile, flooring, hazardous material abatement, etc.)?

Does the remodeler invite the homeowner to their showroom to review current status of renderings and Computer Aided Designs? Are the designs Ainteractive@ , amended on-screen so the owner may visualize the changes immediately?

Are the design concept meetings interactive: owner and remodeler have equal expression of opinion?

Are budget conversations honest: owner allowable budget and remodeler cost of materials and services?

Team Concept:

Does the remodeler have a design/build organization, incorporating necessary remodeling facets Ain-house@: architectural designers, bath and kitchen designers, expediters, rough and finish carpentry crews?

Does the lead expediter join the design meeting with the owners to explain structural or code considerations of the design or remodeling process?

Does the remodeler employ experienced carpenters with a history of longevity and reliability with that company?


Does the remodeler work with subcontractors with a history of proven experience?

Does the subcontractor honor their warranty as outlined in contractual agreements?

Does the subcontractor carry mandatory workers= compensation and liability insurance?

Does the remodeler have certificates of insurance on-record to prove adequate coverage, and for the client to inspect?

Does the remodeler have a subcontractor code of conduct and respect to be followed?


Does the remodeler have a showroom for the client to visit and inspect samples of work?

Does the remodeler have documented client references and letters of recommendation for inspection?

Does the remodeler have a reference library to assist clients when making product choices?

Does the remodeler assist the client with product selection in the showroom?

Does the remodeler, when necessary, assist the client in off-site product showrooms ( IE: tile, granite, appliance, lighting)?

Client / Property Respect

Does the remodeler discuss the safe quarantine of the animals during the remodeling?

Does the remodeler inquire about the ages of dependents/children, and discuss safety measures at the remodeling site?

Does the remodeler demonstrate Arestricted area@ signs to keep dwellers away from the site?

Does the remodeler discuss staging for traffic (homeowner and remodeler), supplies storage, dumpster location, and hygiene facilities?

Does the remodeler discuss the homeowners= removal of personal items from the site area, as well as protection of the current site (ie.: Zip walls, carpet protectors, tarps, drop cloths, etc.).

Client Meeting Preparedness

Does the owner have a current house plan and/or survey?

Does the owner have any preliminary remodeling design renderings?

Does the owner have a Abinder@ containing photos or samples of items to be included in the renovations?

Has the owner determined their budget?

If applicable, has the owner secured financing for the project?

Has the owner discussed the renovations with their homeowners= insurance provider to secure proper coverage during the process, and to raise the value of their home?

If your remodeler has all of these important and desirable qualities, then you are considering B&E General Contractors to complete your home renovations.

It is our honor and pleasure to work with you on your home improvement project, serving southeast Wisconsin for over 33 years.